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Need a little more privacy in the Men’s Restroom or Locker Room area?

Urinal screens are wall hung panels that divide/separate areas between Urinals, Lavatories and Entry areas. Depending on your layout or area needs, urinal screens offer division and privacy in areas where a full privacy compartment is not practical.

Select from a wide variety of Materials, Colors and Sizes designed to fit any layout. These Wall Hung Urinal Screens attach to a structural wall and mount with single ear or continuous wall brackets.. For establishments with high traffic, option for a Pilaster Support Leg for a Post Support Leg to add to the open end to add rigidity to the application and to ensure that if someone were to hang on the open end that they cannot tear it away from the wall.Request a Free Quote !

Standard sizes include 12″, 15″ and 24″ Depths with 42″ or 48″ Heights. Standard in stock sizes and materials¬† are available for fast handling and upon order request can arrive in about 1 week. Custom sizes can take anywhere from 10 – 20 working days depending on the material selection. Ask about upgraded hardware or improve your Urinal Screen to a full privacy site screen size for the optimum of privacy.

Men’s Restroom Urinal Privacy Screens Call Us For A Free Quote! 877-483-9270


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