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Design and Function Meet Savings and Sustainability.
In order to provide our many customers with one-source convenience, Commercial Restroom Partitions carries a complete selection of commercial bathroom sinks. We are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions with advanced cost-saving and resource conservation advantages. Our new product lines offer the latest features designed to eliminate the hazards of slippery floors, paper towel litter, and wet countertops. New controls allow users to activate water flow without touching components. New materials, such as Evero and Terreon, make these lavatories more durable, more vandal resistant, and more environmentally friendly.

Institutional Facilities can Meet the Needs of All Users.
Restrooms in hospitals, schools, and airports service all kinds of people. These facilities must be designed to accommodate each user within the physical confines of the restroom itself. In periods of heavy restroom traffics, commercial bathroom sinks experience the greatest concentration of users. Practically everyone stops to wash their hands before leaving the bathroom. Multi-user stations are typically required to handle the volume of guests during these times. In order to maintain a safe, clean restroom environment, these lavatories must also feature designs that prevent soap and water spillage onto the restroom floor. A wet floor in an airport or hospital restroom is a disaster waiting to happen, so only the very best commercial bathroom sinks should be installed in these restrooms. Lavatories such as our Frequency line are designed to not only accommodate more than one person at a time but to also retain water and soap within the sink basin. Multi-height fixtures in this line allow you to build ADA handwashing stations, or stations for young children, with a design flexibility that saves on wall space and leaves plenty of elbow room for each guest.

Industrial Facilities can find commercial restroom sinks that Offer the Perfect Blend of Utility and Efficiency.
Automotive factories, manufacturing outfits, and distribution centers can minimize installation costs and better manage resource with commercial restroom lavatories that require only a minimum number of rough outs to mount. Additionally, these facilities can improve their environmental ratings by investing in commercial bathroom sinks such as the Express LAV System. Operating without any batteries or electrical connections, this hands-free, intuitive system is made from Terreon—a chemical, stain, and burn resistant compound that is GREENGUARD Certified. Thanks to a single set of supplies, combined with a single drain rough in, these lavatories install in record time and incorporate a number of vandal and impact resistant features into their construction.

Repair Shops, Food Processing and Prep Facilities can Save More Space than Ever Before and Provide Users with Even Better Restroom Hygiene.
Systems like our Verge commercial bathroom sinks install in only have the time than a row of traditional China sinks. You can find models that will serve one or two with new Washbar technology. This configuration combines touch free soap dispensers with hand dryers build into the lavatory itself. Ultra hygienic, it represents a leap forward in restroom lavatory design. We also have Advocate lavatories that activate with touch-free infrared sensors. This compact series can service one, two, or three users depending on the model you choose.

Commercial Centers Need commercial bathroom sinks with Superior Decorative Appeal.
Now office buildings, retail Stores, and restaurants can have just that. Higher end commercial restroom sinks such as the Frequency line add a chic appeal to any upscale restroom environment.

Recreational Centers Need Commercial Bathroom Sinks that Offest Operating Costs.
Athletic centers, theaters, and sports arenas can use photovoltaic technology to operate sensor-controlled Express lavatories. This eliminates the need for wiring or batteries in touch-free bathroom sinks. Community centers and amusement parks can accommodate multiple users with molded sink basin designs that trap waste water and soap so that the floor surrounding the lavatory area remains dry at all times.
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This New Generation of Commercial Bathroom Sinks adds an Attraction Factor Previously Unseen in Public Restroom Design.
New, custom colors make it possible to create interior restroom design motifs that are consistent with those of other rooms in the building. A variety of sizes allows today’s facility manager to save on space without sacrificing user amenities. Many models, too, favor configurations designed to serve children, elderly users, and persons with disabilities. Other lines feature recycled material builds and resource conservations that make them perfect for LEED Certification. Sinks that feature built in hand dryers, soap dispensers, and waste disposal units save thousands of dollars on restroom accessories and supplies.

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