Case Study For Restroom Partitions Installation For Pulte home buidders

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Project Overview
Commercial Restroom Partitions recently installed restroom partitions in the community pool center for the Stonehaven subdivision in Boerne, TX. The Stonehaven community is home to approximately 50 new homes and features a community center with a swimming pool for residents and guests. The community pool center included men’s and women’s restrooms for residents and guests. This turnkey project was rather unique in the way it was contracted out to XPB Locker.

Special Nature of the Project
Pulte Homes has a standing relationship with a commercial restroom supplies vendor. Toilets, paper product dispensers, washroom sinks, and mirrors are all purchased from this company. However, this vendor does not provide restroom partitions. Pulte homes wanted to locate a vendor who could supply these products without attempting to competitively bid against their regular vendor. While it may seem like a simply task to simply locate an organization that supplies bathroom partitions, the caveat is to find a supplier that will respect existing contracts with other vendors who may be competitors on the open market. Commercial Restroom Partitions was chosen because of our reputation for highly ethical practices and also because of our turnkey installation services offered to clients throughout Texas.

Solid Plastic Partitions For Pulte Homes Pool Center

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Policy on Contracting
Commercial Restroom Partitions is a privately held distributor headquartered in New Braunfels. Operating throughout Texas, we provide turnkey installations of restroom accessories, partitions, and ADA compliant equipment. With the ability to adapt quickly to unexpected circumstances, along with a reliable manufacturer supply chain, we are able to work as a general contractor, subcontract entity, or drop ship product vendor. With so many facets of operation, it is important that we follow contract parameters strictly, without deviation. While most of our business is generated online, our reputation as a contractor carries weight in social media channels as well as the general network of construction companies throughout the state.

Product Details
Pulte chose solid plastic restroom partitions for their community pool bathrooms. Solid plastic has an uncanny moisture resistance. In the high humidity environment of a pool center restroom, moisture resistance is an essential. Swimmers often hang wet swimsuits on partition walls, making it absolutely necessary to use a substance that is impervious to the absorption of water.

Unlike baked enamel partitions, solid plastic equivalents are NOT painted. The color of the material is contiguous throughout the substance. In the event that the partition is impacted or vandalized, there is no need to repaint the surface. Scrapes or cuts in the material can be repaired with a simple heat gun. Additionally, the contiguous nature of solid plastic prevents peeling, which is the primary drawback of plastic laminate.

Project Details
We installed the restroom partitions before the builder installed the accompanying toilets and accessories. In the men’s restroom, we installed 1 stall, and we installed a privacy screen between the urinal and the stall. In the women’s restroom, we installed 2 stalls. Installation did not require the presence of other restroom accessories or fixtures. The locations of partitions were determined through drawings, measurements, and location of studs in the walls.

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