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DIY Public Shower Kits

As more institutions build showers into work restrooms, and recreational centers, the variety of fixtures and accessories has increased to meet the demand. New configurations combine space utilization with water conservation features that drive down operating costs across the board. Facility managers can find everything they need to remodel an existing shower system for improved efficiency, increased amenities, and code compliance with ADA regulations. Enjoy design flexibility, customer choice, and the assurance of budget tolerance when you procure your shower equipment from Commercial Restroom Partitions.

ADA Shower Packages Make it Easier than Ever Before to Accommodate Persons with Disability.
The costs of building public showers in compliance with accessibility codes can easily surpass budget tolerance. Many facilities postpone remodeling their showers for this reason. Older buildings present enough challenges as it is. Having to construct new stations in compliance with recent codes can often drive a planned upgrade to a halt.

Pre-assembled ADA public shower packages drive these costs back down by bundling all the necessary fixtures and accessories into individual units that install directly to the wall or plumb into the floor. Products such as grab bars, shower seats, and hand-held shower heads are standard to many of our models. Some come with private enclosures, while others mount directly to the wall.

DIY ADA Approved Public Shower Kits For Sale Cheap Discount Prices

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Group Showers Also Ship Preassembled to Offset Labor Costs.
Group showers ship pre-assembled to eliminate labor costs associated with the assembly. Group public showers offer the key advantage of using a single water supply to serve multiple persons. Our models are designed to give plumbers easier access to water sources. This saves both labor and construction costs by simplifying the installation process. Group showers also allow facilities to accommodate more persons at a time while simultaneously saving floor space.


Our comprehensive selection provides solutions for all types of public showers. Correctional facilities can turn to us for security fixtures that meet the strictest anti-ligature requirements. Water parks, campgrounds, and field houses can find economical options that allow them to service thousands of users per season without having to worry about replacements or repairs. Schools, civic centers, and gyms can maximize their floor space utilization curve without compromising user amenities in the process.

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Features such as lever handle operation and hand held water hoses make users feel like they are taking a shower at home. Privacy concerns can be addressed in one of two ways. One way to give individual users the privacy they desire is to mount floor-mounted shower partitions between each individual shower head. This will allow you to create the equivalent of stalls for each individual person. Another way to provide privacy to guests is to invest in modesty module showers or column shower assemblies that come preassembled with partitions already in place. You can even enhance the privacy on some of these models by adding shower curtains to the entrances.


Popular group showers options include barrier-free panelon showers, column showers that service anywhere from 2 to 6 users, or privacy multi-stall wall showers.

Multi Stall Column Shower Kit For Sale Cheap Discounted Prices

Multi Stall Column Shower Kit

Individual Wall Showers Provide Cost and Labor Saving Benefits in Certain Public Shower Environments.
In some situations, group showers are not the most practical option. In many hotel rooms, nursing homes, and hospital patient rooms, only one shower is needed per occupant. Some facilities also prefer individual wall showers in small public showers where ease of installation is more important than labor savings. We see this in many roadside parks and campgrounds where only 2-4 showers are present in a combined restroom/shower room configuration.

Some private gyms also use individual showers to upgrade restrooms and locker rooms when they remodel their facilities. One thing that makes individual wall showers ideal for remodels is the ability to completely transform a locker room or restroom with only one or two showers that users can take turns using on an as need basis.

Individual public showers are also easier to partition into individual stalls. This flexibility allows schools, gyms, chemical factories, truck stops, and campgrounds complete freedom of design when adding new facilities or upgrading existing spaces.

Some of our more popular models are corner-mounted units that allow even the smallest of rooms to be equipped with at least one shower. Other modular shower assemblies are made specifically for public shower renovation. These units fit to existing hot and cold valves and regulate water flow with mechanical metering or pressure balancing control—thus averting the cost of cutting and replacing expensive tile.

Other facilities prefer any number of panel mounted units that allow them to customize their public showers to specific user requirements. Ask a design specialist about specific models to find the very best features for your next build out.

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