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Shower Partitions Compartments are composed of components that can be designed to fit into many Shower Room configurations. Depending on each shower design, these shower components can conform into a full privacy compartment or series of compartments with shared panels and pilaster sizes. These panels can be designed to fit in between two structural walls, come out of a corner or fit free standing onto a back wall. Weather your shower room layout is a single compartment or is grouped into a series of compartments, these material components are designed to conform to new and existing construction areas to offer privacy in any public shower area.Request a Free Quote !

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Choose from one inch thick Solid Plastic Privacy Panels, Pilasters and Doors. The Solid Plastic materials is composed of HDPE, High Density Polyethylene. Solid, one inch thick HDPE is a water proof and graffiti resistant material. Solid Plastic Panels fit to Structural Walls with Continuous Channel Brackets and offers the most privacy and structural support between compartments. Panels come standard with 55″ Panel Heights or choose a 72″ Panel Height for the most privacy. Custom options are available. Each Shower Room layout comes with Customized Engineering Drawings to be confirmed and approved with each order.

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Stainless Steel is a popular material choice for the Shower Room Dividers. Choose from three stainless steel finishes depending on the desired design and specifications. Stainless Steel material selections range from three popular finishes: 1) Brushed Satin Finish, 2) Textured Weaved Finish (similar to a basket weave), and 3) Leather Grain Finish (finished surface that appears like weathered leather). Choose from continuous channel brackets on the walls with many optional hardware upgrades available.

Shower Room Partitions are offered in Two Applications, depending on your shower room design: 1) Floor to Ceiling Braced Application and 2)Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Application. In the Floor to Ceiling Braced Application, the maximum ceiling height is 10 foot. The Pilasters will anchor into the floor and above into a beam in the ceiling. Doors or Curtains are attached between the Pilasters. Choose from Curtain Tracks, Curtains, Standard or Custom Door Heights. The Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Application Pilasters brace into the floor only, these pilaster are 80″ in height, and a 2″ Continuous Aluminum Overhead Brace fits down over the top of these pilasters and travels from wall to wall connecting the pilasters and adding rigidity to your layout. An optional curtain track and curtain attaches to this overhead bracing or choose a privacy door in standard or custom heights.

Extend the Shower Compartment with a secondary Dressing Compartment into any Shower Room Layout. Depending on the shower area, an additional compartment can be extend from the shower stall to be used as a privacy compartment for dressing. Dressing compartments as well as shower areas can be complimented with Robe Hooks, Benches and Cubby Lockers and/or Shelves to offer the most use for the shower area.

When Code Compliance for ADA compartments is required, conforming ADA hardware will be quoted to conform into Shower Areas and Dressing Room areas to ensure building compliance. When properly installed into ADA layouts, this ADA code hardware will offer peace of mind to be able to pass critical demanding inspections.

Shower room partitions for compartmental shower designs can be conformed to your business layout. Provide your Sketch, Rendering, Layout or Blueprint and we will provide the Engineering Layout, materials and components to fit your business model complete with plans, specs and instructions.

Shower Partitions For Sale Call Us For A Free Quote! 877-483-9270


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