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Our Bathroom Partitions Deliver long-term cost saving-Benefits to your Bottom Line.
Committed to providing your users with a superior customer experience, Commercial Restroom Partitions will furnish your facility with toilet dividers that minimize maintenance costs, improve your environmental sustainability, and contribute to a cleaner, more hygienic restroom environment for persons of all ages. Our design teams will help you with ADA compliant solutions to accommodate persons with disabilities. Whether your organization is small or large, we can meet your budget and your deadline.

Meet Any Budget with a Variety of Bathroom Partition Material Builds
Small churches, office buildings, and public restrooms can be furnished with economically priced baked enamel or powder coated steel bathroom dividers. In low-traffic environments, these stall partitions can withstand many years of usage and require only basic maintenance to maintain their performance value. Facilities with more robust budgets can choose mid-range, heavy-duty partitions made from solid phenolic or solid plastic. Upscale hotels, restaurants, and office buildings can add that chic, designer look with stainless steel toilet partitions.

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Save on Maintenance Costs.
Many of our bathroom partitions offer exceptional savings on maintenance. Solid plastic partitions and solid phenolic partitions retain their color for the life of the product. The material itself is colored throughout, so there is never a need to repaint surfaces. Surfaces are also easy to clean in minutes. Both phenolic and plastic restroom partitions can be quickly cleaned with a soft, wet cloth. Graffiti should be removed with an industrial graffiti cleaner. Both materials are impact and scratch resistant as well.

Create Cleaner, Safer Restrooms for Children and Medical Patients.
As our customer base has grown to include a number of schools and hospitals, we have met this new demand with antimicrobial bathroom partitions. These restroom dividers consist of solid plastic treated with a patented substance that kills 99.9% of all bacteria on contact. This substance is actually compounded into the resin at the time of manufacture—making the entire toilet stall resistant to the growth of E. Coli and other harmful microbes. In addition to creating a better environment for humans, these partitions can also earn LEED Certification points because they are made from 100% recycled materials.

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Improve Environmental Friendliness with GREENGUARD Certified Materials.
Antimicrobial dividers are not the only environmentally friendly partitions we carry. Commercial Restroom Partitions carries multiple lines of solid phenolic and solid plastic bathroom partitions that carry the GREENGUARD Certification. Many of our more popular colors and mounting styles are manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material consists of post-consumer recycled plastic that is washed and extruded into a resin. The resin is then colored and fashioned into plastic sheets. Any organization that seeking an improved environmental rating should strongly consider investing in phenolic or plastic partitions made from post-consumer materials.

Eliminate Replacement Costs with Impact and Scratch Resistant Bathroom Partitions.
As previously mentioned in this article, solid phenolic and solid plastic restroom dividers feature exceptional impact and scratch resistance. Of the two, solid phenolic is the harder substance. It is made by saturating layers of paper with a synthetic resin. These layers are then heated and pressed together. The combination of heat and pressure results in a reaction known as polymerization, which transforms the individual layers into a contiguous, high-grade, super hard industrial plastic. Solid HDPE dividers are almost as hard. Over 8 pounds of force are required to mar some of the models we carry. Solid plastic bathroom partitions deliver the added advantage of quick, easy field repair with simple tools.

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Choose from Four Mounting Styles to Configure Any Size Restroom.
Regardless of factors such as ceiling height, floor constitution, or bathroom size, facilities can furnish any size or type of public, school, institutional, or commercial restroom. Ceiling mounted configurations allow contractors to build stalls when costs or logistics prohibit cutting into the floor. Floor to ceiling configurations allow for maximum stability. Basic floor-mounted and floor-mounted overhead-braced mounting styles provide additional flexibility for a wide range of medium to heavy traffic restroom environments.

Complete Your Design with Custom Partition Sizes and ADA Compliant Configurations.
Commercial Restroom Partitions can supply your pre-school or elementary school with pint-sized bathroom partitions. We also have custom doors and pilasters that will allow you to build “no site” restroom stalls that provide maximum privacy to your restroom users. Talk to our design team about ADA configurations to accommodate persons with disabilities. We will help you choose the best panels, pilasters, doors, and restroom stall accessories to build your bathroom in full compliance with the code. Call us now for a free quote.

Commercial Restroom Partitions For Sale – Call 877-483-9270 For FREE Quote