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Division 10 Specialties for Commercial Public Restrooms

Division 10 Specialties are all of the finishing fixtures that are designed to meet public requirements for use in public restrooms. The Division 10 range offers a variety of fixtures in multiple applications to fit into light traffic to heavy traffic restrooms. These fixtures are made in the USA and code compliant for new construction and reconstruction.


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The Specialties Groups include Receptacles, Hand Dryers, Towel Dispensers, Mirrors, Grab Bars, Toilet Paper Holders, Feminine Napkin Dispenser, Tampon/Napkin Vendors, Condom Vendors, Baby Changing Stations, Soap Dispensers and Receptacles.

Each group of specialties offers a host of applications, product finishes and sizes to fit work with low, medium and high traffic facilities. Specs and Technical Drawings are provided with quotes to ensure details are commensurate with architectural layouts.Request a Free Quote !


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