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Urinal Partitions are Wall Hung Urinal Screens designed to delineate and add privacy between Wall Hung Urinal Troughs in a Men’ Restroom Design.  These Urinal Screen Partitions are conformed from the same panel construction Materials and Designs as our Toilet Partition panels . Urinal Dividers are offered in Five Model Applications, Five Material Choices and Dozens of Color Choices to fit every standard or custom restroom layout.

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Choose the model that best fits your restroom design. Choose from Screen sizes in 12″, 18″ or 24″ Depths and 42″ or 48″Heights and described in the following Five Models. Model One application offers a choice of Wall Hung Urinal Panel with Two Single Ear Metal Chromed Finished Brackets. Model Two offers  the urinal screen application featuring a 8″ Wide Single Wing Bracket that slides down over the top of the panel and fastens and a 3″ Long Bracket to fasten at bottom of panel. Model Three application offers 3″Long Single Brackets and an Aluminum Post that anchors into a concrete floor. Or options for a floor and ceiling post by providing floor to ceiling height. Model Four offers the Urinal Screen with 3″ Long Single Brackets for top and bottom panel install. Model Five offers the 8″ Long Winged Top Bracket and a Continuous Aluminum Channel.


Request a Free Quote !Customize the Urinal Screen to any Panel Size and Pilaster for a Site Screen application. Provide us with your custom panel size and application dimensions and we will draw and quote a custom design to suit your bathroom layout.

Discount Wall Hung Urinal Screen with Pilaster For Sale In San Antonio

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Select from Five Material choices. Solid Plastic material is composed of 1″ thick HDPE, High Density Polyethylene. Solid, one inch thick HDPE is a water proof and graffiti resistant material. Stainless Steel is composed of 2 Sheets of Stainless Steel Permaseal Panels fabricated from 22 gauge stainless steel with a #4 finish. Stainless steel panels are 1″ thick. Choose from 3 stainless steel finishes, Brushed Satin, Textured or Leather Grain.

Plastic Laminated materials offer the widest variety of colors selection for the best price. Laminated panels are sealed and conformed under high pressure with a non-toxic adhesive. Laminated panels bond to 45 pound density  industrial grade particle board and meet or exceed NEMA standards. Baked Enamel are the most economical of the materials applications. Also known a Powder Coated Metal,  Baked Enamel are conformed into 1″ thick panels and finished with an electrostatic high-grade synthetic enamel and oven baked to provide a mar resistant finish. Phenolic is composed of compressed cellulose fibers impregnated with resins. Material is non absorbent, impact and graffiti resistant and impervious to steam, soaps, detergents and will not mildew. Detailed specifications are presented upon enquiry.

Urinal Screen Partitions offer the finishing touch to a Men’s Restroom Design. Or create your own Custom Site Screen with the variety of Options.

We make it easy for you! Contact us for our 48 hour Fast Ship Program or select from dozens of Production or Custom Designs and Colors.

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