Our Vision
Restroom Partitions Supply began with the vision of solving spatial problems for public restrooms through an expanse of Made in America code product materials and applications that effectively address the optimum use of space and privacy, with accurate facility design layouts with Engineering Plans for turn-key commercial restroom design.

Numerous companies take risks with older and outdated materials and supplies to conserve on their budgets and suffer the consequences of a combination of issues. Many of these Companies often experience a slowdown in work, will not pass code inspections, which can result in accountability issues and worse, the probability of injury and compensation claims.

Dependable results are always easy with the competent help of Restroom Partitions Supply experts.

How We Help
Our expansive inventory is planned to address the challenges facing public and private restrooms in small and large layouts, common and public area requirements for use in all industries including schools, gyms, spas, theme parks, manufacturing, distributing and warehousing. Our product lines traverse a symbiotic area from private space to shared space by accomplishing effective, efficient, organized and planned results. Finding the right products for the job eliminates time restraints and obstacles, inadequate use of space and secures peace of mind for simple fast, worry free solutions.

Our restroom and shower room materials and equipment fall into four major categories, each of which targets a specific area of use:





In each of the application categories listed above, the overall result of any large or small investment will result in area improvements at two levels. Superior products offer secure, safe and improved environments and ergonomic technology brings peace of mind for future expansion conforming to new and more optimized uses for technology and space..

Restroom Partitions Supply targets your goals and is mindful of the parameters of company budget restraints. We are sensitive to dealing with issues that cap or limit cash flow parameters.

New Developments
Restroom Partitions Supply is always looking for new solutions to better assist our many client requests. Since our founding we have worked to set up a turnkey environment of products that interface. Within the continental U.S. we respectfully offer or refer a network of code approved products that work with the commercially approved lines licensed and accepted product lines.

Customer Service

Our sales always begin with customer service, as we aim to provide you with information that best meets the needs of your facility and business cycle. We know that every company is different, and every facility unique.

Our sales, planning and programming personnel are trained specialists in helping to gather your planning needs and offer you effective and affordable solutions in areas that best accommodate your goals in operations, cost reductions, and improved annual profits.

By determining these things first, the actual selection of products themselves is much easier, and the purchase order more precise and efficient—just like your process  will be.

Complimentary Consultation
Contact us today at 1-877-483-9270  to let an Restroom Partitions Supply Specialist help you determine how best to combine resources, save time, and add space without wasting profits.


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