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When choosing a toilet paper dispenser, do not put space considerations above human comfort. You want to choose the option that will offer the maximum probability that people will always have access to toilet paper within your restroom. Running out before you have time to refill your dispensers can damage your reputation with restroom users.

Large Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers
The jumbo roll is one way to minimize the risk of users running out of toilet paper before your maintenance crew can refill your dispensers. Restroom Partitions has a number of models you can select that hold 1 or 2 jumbo rolls measuring up to 10 inches in diameter. Jumbo roll dispensers are ideal for stalls that have sufficient wall or partition space in which to mount the unit.

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Single Toilet Tissue Units
Smaller stalls with low to medium traffic can typically accommodate restroom users with single roll units. As these are very popular in a number of office building and church building bathrooms, there is a broad spectrum of finish options from which you can choose. There are single roll toilet paper dispensers that are stainless steel, chrome plated brass, chrome plated steel,, cast aluminum, epoxy coated aluminum, and zinc with chrome plating. Additional options include non-controlled delivery (mandated for ADA stalls) and controlled paper delivery (ideal for minimizing the risk of restroom vandalism).

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Multiple Roll Units
One way to ensure that your toilet paper dispensers do not run out of paper is to install units that contain more than one roll of paper. Some of the larger, partition-mounted units we sell can hold up to 4 rolls at a time. If you have a large facility with a very small maintenance crew, this may be the way to go because your facility will require fewer refills. If you contract a maintenance service that comes to your building once or twice a week, you definitely want to consider installing multiple roll units so that you don’t have to worry about running out of paper
on days when the cleaning crew is not scheduled to arrive.

Recessed or Wall Mounted?

It is fair to say that almost 90% of the toilet paper dispensers that we physically install mount to the surface of the wall or the partition. Recessed units are typically more popular in the luxury home market than they are in the commercial restroom supply market.

Most public bathrooms have sufficient room for surface mounted units to be attached either to the wall or to the side of a partition. While recessed models represent the most conservative use of space, few of the restrooms that we have actually worked in required space saving to this degree. Installing recessed units represents an additional expense of cutting out a section of the wall.

While proper use of space is primary concern when designing commercial restroom stalls, human comfort and convenience are the two most important things to consider when buying toilet paper dispensers. Consider how often you will need to refill the unit and choose a model with roll size, roll number, and method of delivery that minimizes the chance of users running out prior to restocking your restroom.

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