Phenolic Bathroom Partitions

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We supply and install phenolic bathroom partitions made from a 72% composite of renewable materials certified according the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council. Panels, pilasters, and doors are also GREENGUARD Certified. If you are seeking LEED points for your new construction, phenolic is definitely a good material build to choose for your toilet stall construction.

Phenolic itself is actually a high-grade industrial plastic manufactured through a very unique process.
First, a compressed core is created by infusing synthetic resins into cellulose fibers. Surface laminates are then applied to this core. Heat and pressure polymerize the structure, creating a surface that many call the toughest you can buy for toilet dividers.

Phenolic bathroom partitions are also heat resistant and are ideal for Class A or Class B fire ratings. They are also easy to clean because they are impervious to steam, industrial detergents, and soap. Phenolic dividers are non-porous and water resistant. Call us now to get a quote. You can also schedule a turnkey installation anywhere in Greater Texas and select locations in neighboring states.